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Internet Agreement

The present General Terms (hereinafter called "Terms" for short) shall be an integral part of the Hotel Agreement ("Hotel Agreement" together with the Terms shall be called hereinafter "Agreement" for short) negotiated between the Hotel and Ciliara Trading Limited, who acts as with its registered seat at Strovolou 77 Strovolos center, office 204 Strovolos, P.C. 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus; each being a 'Party' and together being the 'Parties' for short.

1. Glossary

Unless specified otherwise, the following definitions shall apply throughout these Terms:

  • " site" means the website (s)
  • "Hotel" means the legal entity entitled with the right to sell room reservations at a single location or throughout a chain.
  • "Sites" and/or "Website" means the website(s), its subsidiaries and business partners, where the products and services of are available.
  • "Client" means a visitor to's website or the Hotel customer/guest.
  • "Service" means the online reservation system through which a Hotel can make their rooms available to, and through which a Client can make reservations for a Hotel room.
  • "Customer Service" means the customer service office, which can be reached at customer.service @ or other addresses as specified in this Agreement.


2. Hotel Obligations

2.1 Information about the Hotel

2.1.1 Information provided by the Hotel to be included on websites, shall include information pertaining to the Hotel (including images, photos and descriptions), its amenities and services, details of rates (including taxes and fees) and availability, cancellation and other policies and restrictions ("Hotel Information") and shall follow the formats and standards of The Hotel Information shall not contain any links to telephone or fax or e-mail or Skype addresses and/or direct links to Hotel website, or to third party websites. reserves the right to change or delete any information if it is incorrect or incomplete.

2.1.2 The Hotel undertakes the commitment of guaranteeing that the information supplied, shall, at all times, be true, accurate and not misleading. The Hotel shall be responsible for the correct and timely update of information, including availability of additional space for fixed periods, or any extraordinary events or situations (ie: repair or construction near/around the Hotel).

2.1.3 Unless decides otherwise, all changes and/or updates of the Hotel information (including rates, availability, rooms) shall be made by the Hotel directly and on-line via Extranet or other methods specified by Updates and changes shall be made as soon as possible by


2.2 Commission

2.2.1 For each reservation made through the Website, the Hotel pays commission (Commission"). Payment shall be made in compliance with clause 2.3. Aggregate Commissions for the order are equal to a multiple of (a) the number of nights which clients spent at the Hotel, (b) booked rate per room per night (including VAT, sales tax and other applicable national, state, provincial, municipal or local taxes or fees - "Taxes"), as well as other additional fees and charges included in the offered rate at the time reserves a room through the website (such as meals, late check-out/early check in fees, extra person fees, resort fees, roll-away beds, service fees, etc.), (c) the number of rooms booked by the Client, (d) and relative Commission percentage established in the Agreement. Commission shall also be submitted for payment in case of overbooking by or no-show or a charged cancellation (cancellation in violation of the Hotel no-charge cancellation policy).

2.2.2 Unless otherwise stipulated in the present Agreement, the rate shown to the Client on the Website shall be inclusive of VAT, sales tax and all other (national, state, provincial, state, municipal, or local) taxes, levies and duties.

2.2.3 Where applicable, Value Added Tax for the Commission to will be added to the Commission.


2.3 Payment of Commission

2.3.1 The Commission on reservations for a calendar month containing (scheduled) Client's date of departure during such month, shall be invoiced (except for free cancellations made through and in accordance with the cancellation policy of the Hotel) and payable the following month, in compliance with the following terms; (a) invoices shall be processed on a monthly basis and sent to the Hotel via postal mail, fax or e-mail; (b) The Commission invoiced related to a month, shall be paid by the Hotel within 14 days from the invoice date; (c) Payment shall be made by the Hotel by wire transfer directly on the bank account registered, via PayPal or by Credit Card and payable to  Payment also could be made through WPS, Pegasus or TACS. In order to prevent any misunderstandings, other methods of payment (eg by cheques) cannot be processed by and shall not be accepted. The Hotel shall bear all expenses charged by banks for the transfer of funds.

2.3.2 records (including Extranet files, faxes, and/or e-mails) of the reservations made by the Client and amount of Commission payable by Hotel to based on this Agreement, shall be considered final proof of their validity and accepted by the Hotel, unless the Hotel can supply reasonable and reliable counter-proofs.

2.3.3 In case of a dispute between and the Hotel (eg, the amount of the Commission), any undisputed amount of Commission shall be paid in accordance with the Terms of the present Agreement, regardless of status or nature of the dispute.

2.3.4 In the event of late payment reserves the right to demand payment of legal interest, and suspend its service in accordance with the Agreement (for example, by suspending the Hotel from the Website), and/or to ask for a bank guarantee or other form of financial security from the Hotel.

2.3.5 will deduct bank transfer fees for all wire transfers; your bank may charge additional fees. Please check with your bank.


2.4 Reservation, Client Reservation, complaints and Best Rate Guarantee

2.4.1 For reservations made by the Client through web site, the Hotel shall receive from a confirmation for each reservation made through the Website. shall not be held responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information (including credit card information) and dates supplied by the Client, and shall not be held likewise responsible for the payment by the Client on his/her (online) reservation. To prevent any doubts, the Hotel (at least on a daily basis) shall check and verify regularly the status of the reservation through Extranet.

2.4.2 The Hotel shall be obligated to accept the Client, and work on-line with in accordance with Hotel information contained on the Website at the time a reservation is made, including any additional information and / or requests made by the Client.

2.4.3 Complaints or claims filed or submitted against the Hotel (products or services offered, provided or supplied) or specific requests from Clients shall be handled by the Hotel, without mediation or interference by shall not be held responsible or assume any liability in reference to such claims from the Clients. may, at its sole discretion, make available for the Clients (support) services or act as an intermediary between the Hotel and the Client, or otherwise assist the Client in connection with his/her actions against the Hotel.

2.4.4 In the case of a valid claim pursuant the Reviews Best Rate Guarantee, shall immediately notify the Hotel of such claim and supply to the same Hotel the relative information about the claim. The Hotel shall immediately adjust, to the extent applicable, the rate(s) represented by Website, such that the lower rate is available for further bookings by In addition, the Hotel shall immediately adjust the rate of the reservation made by the claiming Client in its administration. Upon check-out by Client, the Hotel shall offer the room for the lower rate and shall either (I) settle the difference between the booked rate and the lower rate by charging the Client the lower rate, or (II) refund to the Client the difference between the two rates in cash.


2.5 Overbooking, cancellations and no-shows

2.5.1 The Hotel shall make available the rooms booked. Whereby the Hotel is unable to fulfill the obligations pursuant this Agreement for any reason, The Hotel shall immediately inform through Customer Service. The Hotel shall spare no efforts in securing alternative arrangements of equal or higher quality with all costs borne by the Hotel. In the event that no rooms are available upon arrival of the Client, the Hotel shall: (a) find suitable alternative accommodation of equal or higher standard as compared to the Hotel holding the guaranteed reservation by the Client, and (b) provide for the Clients and his/her guests listed on the guaranteed reservation free transportation to the alternative Hotel.

2.5.2 Cancellations made by Clients prior to the date and time after which is subjected to cancellation fees shall not be subjected to commission. A commission shall be charged for cancellations made by Clients after the booked and guaranteed date and times pursuant the Terms of the present Agreement.


2.6 Credit card processing and Guarantee

2.6.1 Guarantee of the reservation shall be based on the credit cards data supplied by the Client. The Hotel shall be responsible for securing authorization and credit limit as per the credit card and as of the date of the booked stay(s) at the Hotel. If the credit card company fails to supply the required guarantee, the Hotel shall ask the Client to guarantee the reservation in other ways. If the Client is unable or unwilling to do so, the Hotel shall be entitled to cancel the reservation. If the guarantee is not enforceable before the Client for any reason, the risk shall always be borne by the Hotel.

2.6.2 The Hotel who wishes to accept payment from credit card prior to the date of check-in shall ensure that a condition of payment (including the (special) rate restrictions, terms and conditions for or related to such prepayment) are clearly explained to Clients in the information available to the Client before to making a reservations and are included in the Hotel information.

2.6.3 The Hotel shall be responsible for charging to the Client for the Hotel stay, no show or charged cancellation fees (including taxes, for which the Hotel is responsible). Credit cards shall be charged in the same currency as established in the reservation by the Client. Where this is not feasible, the Hotel may charge to the credit card the stay in another currency with a reasonable and fair exchange rate.


3. Rights and Obligations

3.1 Through the present Agreement the Hotel grants to a non-exclusive, royalty free and worldwide right and license (or sublicense where applicable): (a) to use, reproduce, distribute, disclose and make available in any form and display the agreed upon elements of Intellectual Property Rights held by the Hotel and provided to by the same Hotel pursuant the present Agreement and which shall be necessary for to exercise its rights and fulfill its obligations pursuant the present Agreement; (b) to use, reproduce , distribute, display and utilize (including, without limitation, to publicly perform, modify, adapt, disclose, reproduce, copy and make available to the public in any form) information pertaining to the Hotel.

3.2 may sublicense, grant, disclose and offer information about the Hotel (including associated Intellectual Property Rights) and special offers available from the Hotel through the Website and all further rights and licenses established by the present Agreement through or in cooperation with its subsidiaries and/or third parties ("Third Party Website").

3.3 However, shall not ever be liable before the Hotel for any actions or omission by any Third Party Website. The only remedy for the Hotel, in reference to such Third Party Website, is to request (which shall have the right, but not the obligation) (a) to disable and disconnect such Third Party web site, or (b) remove the Hotel (including its information) from such third-party website, or terminate the present Agreement, pursuant the Terms established in the present Agreement.


4.  Client Data and Feedback

4.1 shall notify to and place at disposal of the Hotel the Client reservation details, which shall include date of arrival, number of nights, room type, rate, Client personal data, such as name, address and credit card details ("Client Data"), as well as other specific request (s) made by the Client.

4.2 will submit to the Clients who stayed at the Hotel a questionnaire on which to comment on their accommodations and to evaluate some aspects of their stay.

4.3 reserves the right to publish these comments and ratings on their Website. The Hotel hereby acknowledges that is a distributor and not the publisher of these comments. reserves the right to refuse, edit or delete unfavorable reviews, if such feedbacks contain profanities or mention the person's name.

4.4 does not and shall not assume any liability for the content and consequences (publication or distribution) of any comments or feedback by anyone and about anything at all.


5. Validity, Termination and Suspension

5.1 Unless agreed otherwise, this Agreement shall be effective as of the date herein and shall be enforceable within 1 year. Unless terminated by either Party and subject to advance notification of 30 days, the present Agreement shall be effective for an indefinite period of time until terminated by either Party through written notification sent at least 30 days in advance to the other Party.

5.2 After termination, the Hotel shall honor outstanding reservations for Clients and shall pay all Commissions (plus interest if applicable) due on those reservations in accordance with the Terms of this Agreement.

5.3 has the right of immediately suspending its services (including display of availability of the Hotel on the Website) in any of the following cases; (a) the Hotel cannot pay Commissions before the due date; (b) the Hotel provides false or misleading information through Extranet; (c) the Hotel cannot store information on the Extranet as result of excessive reservations at the Hotel; (d) the Hotel cannot accept a reservation at the price shown on the Website; (e) the Hotel overcharges one or more Clients; (f) the Hotel submits charges on the Client's credit card before his/her arrival without the express agreement from the Client (Clients provides express agreement if they choose a non-refundable or an advance purchase); (g) receives one or more serious and legitimate complaint(s) from one or more Client(s) who have made reservations at the Hotel; (h) the misuse of the Client review process through any behavior, which leads to displaying a review on the Website not being an honest expression of the actual stay of an actual Client at the Hotel; (i) inappropriate or unprofessional conduct in relation to Clients or staff; (j) the Hotel refuses to accept any reasonable revision of any Condition of this Agreement.


6. Final Provisions

6.1 Notwithstanding otherwise stipulated in this Agreement, this Agreement shall be exclusively governed by the laws of Cyprus. Notwithstanding otherwise stipulated in this Agreement, any disputes generated or in connection with this Agreement shall be submitted exclusively before a competent court.

6.2 Parties agree and acknowledge that notwithstanding this paragraph 6.1, nothing in this Agreement shall prevent or limit in its right to bring or initiate any action or proceeding or seek temporary injunctive relief or (specific) performance before any authorized courts where the Hotel is established or registered under the laws of the relevant jurisdiction where the Hotel is established or registered and for this purpose, the Hotel waives its right to claim any other jurisdiction or applicable law to which they might have a right.

Date Signed: __________________________

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Name: _______________________________

Authorized Signature and stamp: ___________________



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