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  • Free placement and registration

  • Real time access to our extranet system

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Multilingual hotel content available in 20 languages

  • Personal account manager to assist you

  • Compatibility with the main Channel Managers

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Hotel Benefits

  • Commission-based model

    Adding the hotel to is completely free. The hotel pays only commission to at the end of the month for generated bookings

  • Guests pay directly at your hotel never charges the credit card of guests. All payment procedures are done by the hotel.

  • Guaranteed bookings

    Reservations are guaranteed by the credit card of the guest

  • Presentation to emerging markets

    Direct hotel partners are primarily presented to emerging markets with high demand

  • Allotment is assigned by the hotel

    You are free to decide how many rooms to let out through

  • Possibility to influence hotel ranking and positions at

    Convenient ranking system, which includes your availability, guests' reviews and commis-sion percentage, enabling you to influence your hotel's ranking among other hotels on the site

Help and FAQ

We've tried to answer any questions you may have about becoming a partner here.

  • How can I register my hotel with

    Click "Add hotel for Free" and fill in a short form. Your hotel will be evaluated for participation. will consider your hotel registration and you will receive our answer in one or few days.

  • Are there any charges to register? does not charge anything to register your hotel and place it at our web-site. We charge only the commission over the stayed room nights booked at your hotel.

  • Which commission amount shall I pay to

    Minimal commission level is 12%. Our recommended commission is 15% usually. We recommend 15% percents to the hotels to have good visibility and higher ranking among the other hotels pulled from GDS.

  • What is the ranking system at

    The order in which the hotel is listed on the web-site (the "Ranking"), is determined automatically and unilaterally by

    Ranking is based on and influenced by various factors, including but not limited to the commission percentage (to be) paid by the Hotel, the minimum availability stated by the Hotel, the number of bookings related to the number of visits to the relevant hotel page on the Website (the "Conversion"), the volume realized by the Hotel, the ratio of cancellations, the guest review scores, the customer service history, the number and type of complaints from Guests and the on-time payment record of the Hotel.

    The Hotel has the possibility to influence its own ranking by changing the commission percentage and availability for certain periods, and continuously improving the other factors like improving service (guests will write good reviews) and other.

    The Hotel shall not make any claim against regarding the Ranking of Hotels; the Ranking system is automated.
    The automated Ranking system uses the hotel's failure to make the Commission payment on time as one of the factors that will result in a reduced Ranking.

  • Where can I find the extranet agreement with

    You can find the agreement in the field Contract at your hotel's profile. Please, sign it on each page and send back to by fax +7 499 503 40 41 or via e-mail extranet [at] booked [dot] net. The hotel will appear on-line only after the contrat is signed.

Our contacts

Our account managers will be glad to assist you — just call one of these international phone numbers:

  • United Kingdom:+ 44 (0)20 3026 5047
  • France:+ 33 (0)1 82 88 94 93
  • Italy:+ 39 06 9672 73 00
  • Spain:+ 34 93 180 79 59
  • Ukraine:+ 380 44 591 98 22
  • Russia:+7 499 271 60 00
  • Or via e-mail: extranet [at] booked [dot] net